Dekko Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Dekko Font Free Download [Direct Link]


Dekko font holds a texture that has handwritten script and this font incorporates an amazing stylish design. Mr.Eben Sorkin is the designer who took the price to design this elegant font and also released it primarily in the duration of the year 2000.

The whole texture of its script is designed in a professional manner and you will notice the decency in the space that is given in the characters and which gives an attractive wider look in its style. That I why you can use the typeface of this font for every kind of design for smaller ones and the larger ones also.

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Because of the gap in between the letters of texture its height is a little high as compared with the length. Users can utilize this font for the larger textual contents as it is created by the designer with bold strokes.

You will observe that only a few of its letters follow the proper baseline while the rest of the characters do not chase the same baseline and due to these aspects this font appears totally unique and helps to create remarkable unique styles of your products.

Dekko Font Family

Dekko Font Free Download [Direct Link]

This font contains a single and regular style and also having (OLF) license. Its design is having 461 glyphs with (633) letters. It includes 75 Latin -1 supplements, 124 Latin Extended-A, and 85 Basic Latin.

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Except for the set of Latin texture this font also has a set of Devanagari. Besides these, its texture of both sets is in written form. Their strokes are contrasted with thick bold horizontal strokes. That is why it will perfectly work in bigger designs without any mistake


Its finest created font will help you to make book covers and design t-shirts. It will also help you in making game titles and game graphics.

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This font works remarkably for product packaging and its design. You can use it to create unique emblems and can write special quotes beautifully this will also help you in taglines making and many more.

1.Communicate effectively

This font can have no complexity in relation to reading things due to its ambitious, thick, and immediate texture target market could be capable of reading it with no problem. So in case you need to deliver a few extreme passages of textual content then this font might be the fine preference. You should deliver it an attempt.

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2.Make your mundane book covers exciting.

The fashion of Dekko font could make any mundane textual content exciting, a few book titles look mundane to readers however the proper use of font can make these titles eye-shooting. the book cover is the very first factor that attracts its reader in order that should be awesome. if you are from the field of publications this font must be on your list.

3.Font for designing your studio walls with.

Its texture has this sort of majestic appearance that it is able to make your room a little studio. If you will use this font to make your wall history appealing and captivating it will virtually give you great effects. due to the fact, it’s miles having a spark that may flip an everyday text into extremely good.

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