Gravitas One Font Free Download

Gravitas One Font Free Download

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Gravitas One is a font created by Steve Matteson. It is a humanist sans serif with a calligraphic feel. It is designed to be legible at small sizes, yet retain clarity and elegance at display sizes. 

It has been used in signage, wayfinding, and headlines. It is available in a number of weights, from Thin to Black, and the Italics are available in Condensed and Expanded versions.

Gravitas One Font Free Family

Gravitas One Font Free Download

It is a font family that consists of four styles with a retro feel. The font is inspired by classic serif designs and has a serious tone. It comes in two display styles: regular and medium. Gravitas One font is a work of TypeSETit.

 It is a decent font for branding projects and creative prints!

This typeface was designed in 1995 when Vernon Adams was commissioned to create a typeface for The American Academy of Arts and Letters. It contains a wide range of characters, including small capitals, subscript, superscript, and oldstyle figures, and supports a variety of languages. It has also been praised for its “deliberately incursive appearance.”

It is a versatile, workhorse sans serif font designed by Vernon Adams.

  •  It is an impressive and legible typeface that handles just about any use case you can throw at it, making it ideal for work environments, advertising and brands, presentations, and magazines, but it is also designed to be legible and attractive in small sizes. 
  • It is a good choice for the body text of a website, but it can also be used in headlines and subheads and can be used to create an attractive newsletter design.
  • The developers at Font Fabric have gone out of their way to create a collection of fonts that are as minimalistic as possible. It is a great example of their work. With only 3 lines, this font has a certain charm to it that many other fonts lack.

If you’ve seen a movie trailer in the last 20 years, you’re probably familiar with the font used for the title, it’s actually this one. While it’s no longer exclusive to movie trailers, it’s still the go-to font for superhero titles, and the font used in the promo material for nearly every Batman movie released since 1995. 

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It’s also been used in music videos by artists like 4 Non Blondes and Stone Temple Pilots, and in a recent audiobook read by Samuel L. Jackson.

Gravitas One Font Free Download

The design is a result of a collaboration between designer Jessica Hische and Erik Spiekermann. It is an exquisite and light serif font, with a very slight slant to it. It is perfect for use in both print and digital media.

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